Law: Necessity or Just a System?

A country is basically known for its GDP and industrial growth but a country is nothing if the citizens with whom the country is incomplete are safe and happy and one of the key factors to complete this role is law & safety.  As per current situation of different countries there are lot of problems going as civil war or communal war and the problem is facing for the affected situations it is due to the lack of presence of law.  In the minds of people they don’t have any fear of law that is why they are taking law in their hands.  Important role of law is to believe the citizens that they are in safe hands and they can do anything in the limits of law. Thus people are finding much difficulty to ensure proper living and some try to immigrate to other countries.scale-1108316_1280

So it is a need for every non developed and even for developed and developing countries to ensure proper law conditions as from its citizens or any companies do not invest their money and time in these time taking challenges and Improper law and judicial system produce loss to life and properties which directly or indirectly hinders the development of country.  That is why laws should always governed by any person who is specified in it and never it should be linked by governing body that decrease the quality of decisions and law become a puppet of the hands of the undesired people and they can use it according to their profit and interest.

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There are many possibilities that these improper conditions can make an outrun in society, which after sometime can come into an issue. Especially developing countries should take these possibilities into proper consideration so that these imperfect situationslaw-753482_1920 will hinder its process of becoming developed ones. Even still some countries are trying to cope from it because they are causing a mountain in their development path. Every big or small ones have to give proper guidance to their proper law and try to amend after certain interval of time to amend the negative and improper consequences that they are emerging from law.
There is always need of amending the rules and laws because our society is increasing day by day and not every law and decisions are perfect in the manner so it should be amended to ensure that it never produce any harm to society and its citizens. It should be check by error and trial method to check its practical existence . So to undo the differences in the citizens and the society proper law should be ensured and if then people in the society are satisfied with it that country would be said a happy one which is far better than a developed one.